The Waaaaaah!® Decision-Making Model Workshop - Session II
Who is that crying baby?

It's Henry. You've met him before. Your report lacks an effective conclusion… “Waaaaaaah!” You're wondering what improvement will make your piece of furniture a design award winner… “Waaaaaaah!” You're not sure what future feature will make your software a killer app… “Waaaaaaah!”.

Every Waaaaaah! forces you to make a decision about the next step. Henry is the idea you're growing, the product you're developing, the skill you're acquiring, one Waaaaaah! at a time.

This Workshop shows you a new and different way to take your next step when you're feeling uncertain about what to do.

Francesco Cirillo

Francesco is a software developer, product manager and industry consultant. He created the Pomodoro Technique and originated the Anti-IF Campaign. He currently runs FC Garage and Programming with Francesco in Berlin. Waaaaaah!® Decision-Making Model, Recombining Relational Production® (RRP®), and Managing Software Development with RRP® are his most recent creation: the culmination of work started in 2008. Francesco will lead this Workshop.

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    1 day
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    9.30am - 5.30pm


In one day you will learn:

1. How to Recognise Your Waaaaaah!

What is a Waaaaaah!? How can our “product in its process of becoming” produce a Waaaaaah!? What does it mean to be aware of our Waaaaaah! and how can we favour this awareness?

2. The Difference Between the Relational and the Control Driver

The Waaaaaah! Decision Making Model argues there are two different ways to respond to your Waaaaaah!: by exerting Control over your product or by seeking Relationship with it. This part of the Workshop will introduce you to the two drivers and you will learn how to tell them apart and understand their strengths and weaknesses. We will also look at when and why these drivers do not work.

3. Different Contexts Require Different Drivers

The efficiency of the drivers varies with context. You will learn how to identify contexts that are well suited to each driver.

4. Recognise Your Tendency for Control and Relationship

Your ability and experience of looking for Relationship and Control is the most critical part of choosing your driver. This part of the Workshop will show you how to recognise this ability so that you can make efficient and conscious decisions.

5. The Relational Compass

The Relational Compass is a technique that helps us apply the Waaaaaah! Decision-Making Model to reach our objectives. The theory will be presented alongside real examples.


There are no prerequisites to attend Francesco's Workshop.