RRP® Software Consulting

to take your software project to the next level? As your in-house consultant, Francesco will show your team how to work faster, cheaper and smarter. You’ll learn proven methods for building a successful product while working and spending less.

  • €1,975.00

Go for growth

Lay the groundwork for sustainable, long-term growth. Fortify your business strategy against unseen pitfalls and ensure that your product thrives in good times and bad.

Slash costs, boost profits

Improve the quality and speed of your work. Get better organised and stop bleeding money on inefficient processes. You’ll see measurable results in the first week.

Industry wisdom

For more than twenty years, Francesco has mentored thousands of successful developers working in startups, SMEs and multinational corporations.


A number of factors slowly chip away at a software team’s throughput until it stalls completely:

The Code

Badly designed software makes delivering new features difficult and error-prone. Developers can spend up to 70% of their time fixing bugs and even the simplest iteration becomes a never ending story.

What can we do:

  1. Identify and fix badly designed areas in your software system.
  2. Make the design of the software system more flexible and adaptable.
  3. Improve your team's processes and implement a plan to reduce bad design.
The Product

Developers are often not sure what they have to deliver and so they end up focusing on small tasks rather than the overall objective. Integrating small tasks is costly and unpredictable.

What can we do:

  1. Teach the team the difference between value driven and event driven development.
  2. Work on user stories to make them compatible with development.
  3. Introduce simple and effective techniques to estimate the development of user stories.

Stressful situations can prevent team members from thinking clearly. Delivering features becomes impossible and bad design decisions make the system more rigid and delivering features even more difficult in the future.

What can we do:

  1. Help the Project Manager, Technical Leader or Agile Coach come up with a strategy that reduces risks and increases the number of features delivered.
  2. Teach your team proven techniques for productivity, time-management and decision-making, starting by identifying and resolving small inefficiencies in the work process and helping your team communicate more efficiently.
  3. Work to find development processes/practices and values tailored to your team. No buzzwords, just real productivity.