Productivity Talk
Learn how to be more productive working in a team or on your own when you have to face change and uncertainty.

Francesco Cirillo will give this talk. In a career spanning startups, multinationals and freelance consulting, he has mentored thousands of managers and teams. Francesco’s core focus has always been improving productivity and efficiency, by finding ways to achieve better results with less time and less effort. In the 1980s he invented the Pomodoro Technique, a renowned time-management tool used by millions of people all over the world.

This event is designed to stimulate your team, remove obstacles in order to achieve meaningful, measurable improvements in a short time.

Get more done in less time.


On this page you will find:

    4 Hours
    Online or Onsite in Berlin
    Max 15 people

When it comes to helping tech startups, it’s tough to top the legendary Francesco Cirillo, a truely independent thinker. He’s one of those rare, modest leaders with deft communication and teaching capabilities. I asked him to speak at Leancamp Berlin, and in spite of knowing he’d defined the Pomodoro Technique and built a global community behind it, the way he engaged everyone surpassed my expectations! He was professional, well-prepared and flexible, but most importantly, he met his audience on their terms, clearly broadened their perspective and demonstrated a deep understanding of topics, even in when specialised questions came up. Count on Francesco to be authentic and friendly, and set an atmosphere of intellectual camaraderie.

Salim Virani
Partner at Founder-Centric

What can I say more of someone who’s in the first page of the most revolutionary book ever written in sw development (Extreme Programming Explained)? Francesco has a deep knowledge and a great experience that helps him in finding the right spot! As an innovator is always one step ahead… in the right direction! :)

Piergiorgio Grossi
Head of IT, F1 Racing Team

About this event

This talk is for teams or professionals interested in improving their productivity.

This event will be given:

  • online on our educational platform
  • onsite in Berlin

The duration is 4 hours.

Generally this talk is offered to teams up to 15 members.

Upon request the Productivity Talk can be offered to a wider audience (up to 100 people). Please contact us here if you would like to get an offer.


The content of the talk can be configured based on the needs of the organizer or the participants.

These are some of the topics requested by our customers over time:

  • Productivity tips for software development teams.
  • How to apply the Pomodoro Technique in a team.
  • How to recognize when the productivity tools actually make a team less productive and how not to fall into the trap of the "productivity paradox".
  • How to reach complex goals exposed to change and uncertainty by developing a system of productivity tools based on time management, decision making and information logistics.
  • How to meet important deadlines by reducing anxiety and stress and increasing quality and reliability.

Additional Info

Who is it for

This event is open to anyone wishing to improve their productivity skills.


There are no prerequisites for the event. All you need is a strong drive to improve the productivity of you or your team.