Pomodoro Technique Time Management Course // Berlin Feb 24th 2018
Learn with Francesco Cirillo — the creator of the Pomodoro Technique — in this 2-day course.

Learn how you can use The Pomodoro Technique in teams and individually to reach complex goals in contexts characterized by change and uncertainty.

Our classes are designed to provide as much interaction and personal attention as possible. The course includes training modules, exercises, assignments aimed at helping you achieve meaningful, measurable results which can be built upon and improved over time.

About the course

This is an official course taught by Francesco Cirillo. Over the course of 2 days, you will attend 4 sessions lasting 4 hours each:

Day 1:

  • Reach Your Individual Goals
  • Reach Your Complex Goals

Day 2:

  • Reach Your Goals in a Team
  • Defining New Goals to Improve

Check out the detailed programme for the Pomodoro Technique Time Management course

At the end of this course, when you've submitted your assignments, you will get a Certificate of Attendance.

Do you want to go a step further along the road to becoming a Certified Pomodoro Technique Practitioner? Apply for a Certificate of Practice.

    VAT included
    2 Days
  • WHEN
    Feb 24th, 25th 2018
  • TIME
    8.30am - 5pm CET
    Cirillo Company
    Saarbruecker Strasse 19
    10405 Berlin
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    Min 2, Max 4 people

The world of my perceived possibilities and the utilization of my abilities has been enhanced to the level that I know that when I look back on my life there will be two significant periods of accomplishment, pre-pomodoro and post-pomodoro periods. It's just that powerful!

Lee Sullivan

If you struggle with time, and with being organized around time, this is the course for you! It will require an investment of time, of leaving yourself open to new ideas, or trying on new habits, but the reward will change your life!

Ann Wilson
Special Education Teacher, Washington DC Public Schools

I give this course my highest recommendation. As an attorney with over a 100 active clients, my time is at a premium. The Pomodoro Technique, and this course in particular, have given me the foundation to better serve my clients while at the same time maintaining my sanity. I am better equipped to tackle complex projects, manage my team, and plan strategically. Who knew that a tomato timer would be the most valuable thing in my office? I would take this course again and eagerly await new offerings from the Pomodoro team. A job well done.

Wade J. Skalsky
Owner of Law Offices of Wade J. Skalsky

I'm a big fan of the Pomodoro Technique. It's not too often you get to work directly with the creator of a tool that has changed your life. Now that I've worked with Francesco directly, I'm an even bigger fan. I'm enthusiastic because this technique is simple and life-changing. The course helped me go into deeper related concepts built on the basic technique. Anyone who wants to streamline their day and their thinking would benefit from this tasty course. Anyone who struggles with feeling like they don't have enough time to get done what they want, whether on a daily basis or in terms of life goals, would do well to master this technique. I'm excited to see my business and life evolve with my new knowledge gained from this course.

Katie Geddes
Spiritual Business Designer

The Pomodoro course helped me to take more realistic approach to my personal time management and gave me self-confidence to reach towards my goals. The course introduces some very useful concepts and approaches for managing complex goals and planning both one's own work effort and work in teams. I can recommend the course for everyone who wants to work more effectively and to make realistic plans for reaching complex or simple goals either personally or in teams.

Ida Alexeeva
HR Specialist

What's so special about this course?

Learn with the creator of the Pomodoro Technique
  • This course is conducted by Francesco Cirillo, the creator of the Pomodoro Technique. Drawing on over 25 years of real-life experience of applying the Pomodoro Technique to teams or complex projects, Francesco will share his expertise to find solutions with the group.
  • Working with you and the other participants, Francesco Cirillo will hold a Q&A Clinic, designed to help you resolve any problems you are having applying the technique both personally or as a team.
Gain New Skills

The course includes the new skills detailed in the upcoming edition of the Pomodoro Technique book, namely:

  • How to apply the technique in a team - we will take an in-depth look at the practices a team or coach can apply to work in an environment free from obstacles and interruptions.
  • How to apply the technique in scenarios characterised by complexity and uncertainty - you will learn concrete solutions to identify and organise a complex goal, keeping everything under control without experiencing any anxiety or stress.
Small Classes

The course is limited to a maximum number of 4 people to make sure everybody gets individual attention and the chance to interact.


At the end of the four sessions and when you've submitted your assignments, you will get a Certificate of Attendance.

Additional Info

Who is it for

The course is open to anyone wishing to improve their time management skills, and become more productive.


There are no prerequisites for the course. All you need is a strong drive to improve the productivity of you or your team.

Pre-Course Activity

Before the course begins, you will receive a preliminary email asking you to identify the time management and general productivity challenges you are currently facing, and what you want to achieve from The Pomodoro Technique Course. We ask that you please complete this questionnaire, and send it back to us so we can tailor the course to best suit your needs.

Post-Course Activity

It's important to us that you not only learn the Pomodoro Technique, but carry it over into your everyday life to improve your working habits and achieve your goals. To help you keep track of your progress, your instructor will provide you with weekly email reports for one month following the course. These reports will help you measure your personal data, and provide you with feedback to ensure you achieve maximum results.

Minimum Number of Participants

The course will only be held if 2 people subscribe.

Terms and Conditions

To take part, you must read, sign and send us the terms and conditions via email.