Various participants of the Workshop #itaprog2berlin have asked for suggestions on how to make their CV more “attractive” to the participating startups.


The suggestions that I can give you are to be concrete and sincere.

Make sure that your passion for software development is concrete and clear. When did you begin programming? Why? It doesn’t need to be a 20 page psychological profile, it just needs to convey your motivation, maybe in a single sentence – even better in just one word. What project/product/service do you work on at night? Why?
Show your portfolio of products and services that you have worked on and are currently working on. Concrete projects, app store products, online services. Explain what you did for these projects: the front end? Back end? Which functionalities? Which practices did you use? Did you contribute to open source software? What functionalities have you developed? Which components have you improved/enhanced/cleaned?
You didn’t begin when you were 10 year old? You sleep at night? Your portfolio only contains a university lab that no one uses? Well, be concrete and sincere.


I would not give qualitative judgements about my skills in the CV: I have never known a developer who does not consider himself to be at least “very good” :-).
Don’t include special effects in your CV – for those who are considering adding a 3D presentation?! You were asked for a CV and this is what is required. I did not say that the CV is the ideal format to convey the suggestions that I have given you in this page, however, you can adapt it. Certainly, the CV requires care: it should be done well and reread many times. I would do a test. I would make my CV anonymous and I would have ten people that I know read it. Once they have read it, I would ask questions about the person described in the CV. Each ambiguous response is an area to improve. Once you have achieved concreteness, the ambiguities will be eliminated.
I would not try to impress the reader. Every strategy that is geared towards impressing the reader is destined to fail in the first two minutes of the interview. :-). Concreteness and sincerity, if authentic, will impress your interviewer.
Above all, good luck.