60 participants, 11 of Berlin’s most dynamic and promising startups, including: Gidsy, 6Wunderkinder, Smeet, etc -, 6 contributors and 5 media partners – including Silicon Allee, Berlin Web Week e Friday @Six Show.

The Workshop was held at Ahoy Coworking in Charlottenburg, Berlin.

Francesco and Katrin presented some slides, which addressed questions received from participants in the previous weeks: “What is a startup, how can one define it microeconomic terms, what do startups look for in programmers, what kind of compensation is offered, how do you find a place to live, what are the steps necessary to request residency, how to get around the city and integrate efficiently?” A series of strategic recommendations closed out the session, followed by a question and answer session with participants.

Next, it was time for the startups. Smeet, Gidsy and FoundFair presented some slides on their activities and the types of positions that they currently have available.

Then, it was time for the resumes and startup boxes. Participants had the opportunity to interact with representatives from the startup sponsors and leave their resumes in the boxes created by members of the startup teams. For over two hours, questions were asked and answered, and many business cards were exchanged: from the CEO & Founder of Smeet to the HR & Recruiting manager of 6Wunderkinder to the CTO of Gidsy, CEO of Small Improvement, and many others…

…and the winner is

On the side, we launched this contest on facebook.

  • In first place, with 107 likes, is Expaway
  • In second place, with 51 likes, is Twago
  • In third place, with 43 likes, is cloudControl
  • The first place winner will receive a lifetime Digmydata account.
  • The second place winner will receive a one year subscription to FogBugz for 10 users.
  • The third place winner will receive 5 Pomodoro Technique® Timers.

Many thanks and appreciation go out to DigmyData and FogBugz for providing these wonderful prizes.


Many participants also attended the events that we organized to help people get to know Berlin and the startup scene. These included a visit to the Friday @Six Show, a relaxing evening at the Biergarten on Saturday, and to top things off, a Sunday afternoon tour of the history of jazz in Berlin which concluded at the Karneval der Kulturen.

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