To all PWF students:

I’m developing Henry’s core for and I’m looking for three RRP Developer Assistants from PWF to make some of the combinants robust and create development tools. This will take up just a few hours of your time each week, but you must commit to being available for the length of the project. The initiative was set up to give you the opportunity to be the first to apply RRP on a real software development project, learn new techniques and use them in a real situation.

I hope this opportunity will be of interest, particularly to those of you who have already started applying RRP to the projects we’re working on in your paid PWF sessions.

This role is undertaken on a voluntary basis. The hours you put in will not be deducted from your PWF bundle: working on Henry does not count as a session of PWF. In recognition of your effort, part of a complementary 15 hour bundle is up for grabs. The bundle will be split between participants according to effort put in so make sure you’re the most active and productive! You will not be financially compensated for your work.

Henry is developed in Java 8. To be eligible to take part, you must have been in the PWF programme for at least one year. It is your responsibility to check that your participation in this project does not conflict with your employer’s interests.

N.B. If you’ve been a PWF student for less than a year but would like to get involved, how about being a reviewer and helping us improve Henry’s quality?

If interested, write to us at before the end of the week and tell us why you want to get involved and how many hours a week you can commit to.

Speak soon,