Managing Software Development with RRP® Workshop - Session II
Why would I do something as crazy as look for a relationship with my software?

Being in a relationship with your software simplifies your decision-making process and helps you take the next step. With Decombination® and other relational operations you combine already existing combinants to obtain new features. This approach increases throughput and makes development more predictable and sustainable.

Francesco Cirillo

Francesco is a software developer, product manager and industry consultant. He created the Pomodoro Technique and originated the Anti-IF Campaign. He currently runs Cirillo Company and Programming with Francesco in Berlin. Waaaaaah!® Decision-Making Model, Recombining Relational Production® (RRP®), and Managing Software Development with RRP® are his most recent creation: the culmination of work started in 2008. Francesco will lead this Workshop.

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    3 days
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    9.30am - 5.30pm
    Crowne Plaza Potsdamer Platz Berlin / Germany


Over four days you will learn:

1. How to Recognise and Respond to Your Waaaaaah!

The photo below captures a Waaaaaah!: a moment when the cursor blinks and you don't know how to make the next step. In the Workshop you will learn how to respond to your Waaaaaah! in a conscious manner and when to choose Control and when to choose Relationship.

2. How to Favour Relationship

Relational Activators and Agents are a tool used in RRP to favour Relationship. The Workshop will provide real examples of Relational Activators and Agents in use. You will also start developing these relational tools for yourself by working on a real case.

3. How to Use the Relational Compass

Looking for Relationship is not always easy. The Workshop will show you how RRP Software Designers can use the Relational Compass to spark a team-wide discussion about finding a relational solution to the next step.

4. Understand Decombination®

If you think of software as a thing, then you are used to thinking in terms of composition and decomposition, substitution and reuse. Surprisingly, these operations are the expression of Control.

Decombination® is a relational operation obtained through a series of activities aimed at looking for relationship with the system. In RRP, Decombination is the key to profitable and sustainable production. The Workshop will introduce this relational operation and analyse its impact on productivity. With Francesco you'll start to apply Decombination by looking for Relationship.

5. How to Organise an RRP Team

In RRP, production takes places in two different areas: the Workspace and the Showroom. In the Workspace, Designers and Development Assistants work on developing a system of combinants.

In the Showroom, Solution Explorers deliver new features: they don't develop combinants, but rather they organise already existing combinants.

The photo below shows the Showroom. Francesco is a client and is asking the Solution Explorer for new functionalities. The Solution Explorer delivers those new functionalities by combining the modules created in the Workspace.

During the Workshop you will get hands-on experience of what goes on in both the Workspace and the Showroom.

6. RRP Activities and Tools

Which daily activities does a Relational Developer have to perform to apply RRP? Which tools should you use to favour the relationship with your product? How can you test if you're really improving your productivity through the relationship with your “product in its process of becoming”? Francesco will show you how to apply RRP to analyse your features and manage your project. Simple metrics will be introduced to allow you to test whether using RRP has led to real improvements.

At the end of this part of the workshop Francesco will answer any questions you may have.


Developers, coaches, team leaders.


There are no prerequisites to attend Francesco's Workshop.


Laptop - Participants are requested to bring their own laptop.